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The Official NetBSD Online Store at Cafepress

NetBSD has its own Cafepress Online Store selling various products such as shirts, sweatshirts, a mug, wall clock, mousepad, logo magnets, and tote bags. All profits from this online store will be used to directly fund NetBSD!

FreeWear - NetBSD Flag T-Shirts

FreeWear has a shirt with NetBSD's logo on it available. They do international shipping.

Kanaya - BSD Daemon shirts

Kanaya corporation has shirts with BSD daemon logo on it. They are available at Plathome and FastBuck (they are computer shops in Japan, contact them if they do overseas shipping).

McKusick - History of the BSD Daemon

The official home of the BSD Daemon, by its creator, Kirk McKusick. Includes links to some currently available generic BSD T-shirts.


Material from the NetBSD project itself

Some advertizing material is available from NetBSD itself, mostly things to print and hand out at trade shows etc. See our advocacy page.

JF Lehmanns - Unix-Linux-Calendar 2000

This calendar contains "important" dates from the Unix community, like releases of important software, birth & death of important people and when various free operating systems were released and/or ported to new hardware platforms. Esp. in the last category, NetBSD got quite a number of entries :-).

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The NetBSD Mission - "Iwo Daemons" T-Shirt

The classic "Iwo Daemons" shirt, featuring the graphic from the NetBSD Project web site is not currently available. If you're interested in purchasing one, contact and we will consider printing more.

Daemon Lager

The special occasion Daemon Lager beer, brewed by Banff Brewery for Canada Connect Corporation, is out of sale, and won't be re-brewed. However, you can read the full story, as published in FFWD Magazine, if you like.